About Us

Our history

PeakCare Queensland was established in 1999 having evolved from the Child and Family Welfare Association of Queensland and prior to that, the Board of Governing Authorities for residential care.

The shift to PeakCare Queensland occurred in response to a growing awareness of not only other forms of out-of-home care being provided by non-government organisations for children and young people, but also the increasing range of child, youth and family support services that were seen as integral to an effective child protection system. The providers of these services also wished to have their voices properly represented and heard.

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In 2012, PeakCare was registered as a charity by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

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Who we are today

Staying true to the original intentions of providing an independent and impartial voice able to represent and promote matters of interest to the non-government sector, PeakCare remains a not-for-profit organisation with a membership base consisting of non-government organisations involved in the delivery of child protection, out-of-home care and related services. A network of supporters made up of individuals and other entities with an interest in child protection also subscribe to PeakCare.

In keeping with our Constitution, the strategic directions and governance of PeakCare is guided and monitored by a Board comprised of elected representatives from our member organisations.

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Our Strategic Plan 2021-25

The Strategic Plan 2021-25 contains statements of our vision, our purpose, our beliefs and values, and five areas of strategic intent.

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Our Quality Commitment

PeakCare staff are supported to integrate QUALITY into the way they work; and to initiate and promote continual improvement that will ultimately contribute to the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

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