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Mercy Community teams flex their creativity during COVID

With school holidays extended and Omicron roaming, our teams from Mercy Community who support young people in our Residential Care and Transition Services (RCaTS) rose to the challenge as always, and developed an online yoga session to keep everyone active and engaged, as part of our Education and Vocation Support Program (EVSP). From downward dogs to tree poses, online yoga brought people together when getting out and about was restricted. The Mercy team stepped up again with their limitless inspiration and creativity, with special acknowledgement to Supported Independent Living Program (SILP) Caseworker Lara and Residential Care Worker (RCW) Cassie for making it happen.

“The yoga session provided an opportunity for young people to experience stillness of mind and connecting body and breath,” said Kelsie Hempstead, Team Manager for Transition Services (EVSP). “During a time of isolation, disconnection and prolonged stress yoga was able to bring our young people and staff together to interact in a peaceful and restorative way. It was great to see everyone joining in and showcasing their flexibility. Literally bending over backwards to participate.”

Find out more about Mercy Community’s EVSP.

Please join PeakCare in congratulating Mercy Community on this initiative. Your comments can be entered below.

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  1. Lindsay Wegener on March 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Congratulations to Cassie, Kelsie and the Mercy Community RCaTS team! PeakCare was very pleased to shine our spotlight on your initiative.

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