It’s your choice – this way or that?

It is completely legitimate for discussion and debate to occur about the best approaches that should be taken to youth crime – how best to prevent it from occurring and how best to stop it from re-occurring. PeakCare eNews 27th January


Don’t let COVID ruin your Christmas – vaccinate!

With Premier Palaszczuk having announced last week that the fourth Omicron wave has hit the State, PeakCare urges all service providers of child, youth and family services to get ready and be prepared… PeakCare eNews17th November


20 years of Anti-Poverty Week in Queensland – eNews special edition

This week, Queensland’s focus has been placed on two matters – poverty and the housing crisis – both of which are wreaking havoc across our State. Often interlinked, both are major drivers of children… PeakCare eNews 20th October


On the matter of youth justice, it doesn’t take Einstein to know when something doesn’t add up…

PeakCare eNews 11th October 

A question on notice put to the Hon Leanne Linard MP, Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs on 18 August 2022 included this query…


Path to Treaty – an historic day on 16th August 2022

An historic day – 16th August 2022

Having been travelled since 2019, the Path to Treaty reached an historical milestone on 16 August 2022. On this day, the Queensland Government re-affirmed its commitment …

PeakCare eNews 18th August


VACCINATE in the face of winter 2022

It increasingly seems that few of us are being spared from wearing the face of Winter 2022. Bouts of COVID and/or the flu and/or even the common cold …

PeakCare eNews 19th July


Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! this NAIDOC Week


The theme of this year’s NAIDOC Week is Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! It serves as a powerful rallying call for both First Nations peoples…

PeakCare eNews 8th July


Launch of the Charter of Rights for parents involved with the child protection system in Queensland

On 1st June 2022, a groundbreaking development in the history of child protection within our State took place …

PeakCare eNews 20th June


Winter is here – tell them the truth, and do all that you can


Only 30.9% of Queensland children aged 5 to 11 have had two doses of the COVID vaccine …

PeakCare eNews 6th June


Is this the school suspension conveyor belt?

Whether it is from watching a clip of the famous   chocolate assembly line episode  …

PeakCare PeakCare eNews 14th April


A bumper edition – so much news!

A bumper edition!

PeakCare congratulates Luke Twyford on his appointment as Principal Commissioner of the Queensland Family and Child Commission.

PeakCare eNews 25th March


Time for another PeakCare competition!

Another PeakCare competition!

It’s well and truly time for another PeakCare competition! The rules for this competition are simple.

PeakCare eNews 11th February