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QHRC – Unconscious Bias (Gold Coast)


QHRC – Unconscious Bias (Gold Coast)

A half-day in person session for anyone who wants to understand how biases affect daily decision-making in a professional and personal context

Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) presents Unconscious Bias (Gold Coast)

This course is for anyone who wants to better understand their own biases and how they affect day-to-day decision making. It is particularly beneficial for human resource practitioners and managers who are responsible for recruitment, policy development, people management and organisational culture.

Developing an understanding of how to recognise and manage our unconscious biases is essential for creating fair, inclusive and discrimination-free workplaces and communities. Unconscious bias is not only related to race and gender. Prejudices exist in relation to age, religion, sexuality, parental status, and people who appear different from the majority. This half day workshop draws on empirical evidence to take participants on a journey of realisation. It is designed to raise awareness of bias from the unconscious to the conscious level and provide methods for positively managing prejudices for improved decision making.

Course content:

  • what unconscious bias is and where it comes from;
  • how unconscious bias affects decision making’ methods to identify and counteract unconscious bias;
  • participants will learn how to;
  • understand the meaning of unconscious bias and the psychological basis for it;
  • identify their own unconscious biases and the underpinning drivers;
  • identify bias in decision making processes and make necessary changes;
  • take practical steps to reduce the impact on unconscious bias in the workplace.


View the course outline for more information.


Date: Wednesday, 5th April – 9am to 1pm

Venue:Room F-5, Southport Community Centre, 6 Lawson Street, Southport

Cost: $220 per person

Register: Online