Beyond A Checklist – Guiding the Road Forward for Queensland’s Residential Care System

In December 2023, in response to the Queensland Government’s review into residential care, PeakCare prepared a report consolidating the voices and expertise of the sector including those with a lived experience to inform development of Queensland’s roadmap for residential care.

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What Works Matters

This project, in conjunction with Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care Peak (QATSICCP), focuses on successful capacity building within Indigenous organisations and communities and PeakCare members.
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Transition from Care

Click here to view PeakCare’s Transition from Care Project Report

Residential Care Model

Click here to view the Residential Care Model Report

Culture Matters

Click here to view the Culture Matters Report

Small Agencies Project 2009

Click here to view the Small Agencies Project Final Report

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PeakCare Annual Reports

PeakCare Annual Report 2011

Click here to read PeakCare’s 2011 Annual Report

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Member Survey Reports

PeakCare Member Survey Report 2021

PeakCare Member Survey Report 2019

PeakCare Member Survey Report 2017

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Roundtable Reports

PeakCare Roundtables Report 2015 – UPDATED

PeakCare Roundtables Report 2015