A more in-depth session for managers to learn about anti-discrimination law in Queensland

Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) presents Introduction to the Anti-Discrimination Act for Managers (Rockhampton)

This course is designed to empower managers, through an understanding of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, to create discrimination and harassment free workplaces, and build a cohesive and productive workforce. The course focuses on helping management improve or establish systems to minimise the risk of these types of behaviours occurring, and to deal with them effectively if they do. It provides managers and supervisors with an understanding of their responsibilities under discrimination law, and the vital role they play in implementing workplace policies and procedures. Participants will develop the skills and knowledge to implement the relevant policies and procedures, and to employ effective techniques for preventing and managing unlawful behaviour in the workplace.

Activities focus on:

  • case summaries and scenarios to illustrate how discrimination law is applied to real workplace situations;
  • the practical aspects of developing and implementing systems to manage staff conflict and complaints; and
  • recruitment processes

This course will enable participants to:

  • identify behaviours that could be unlawful or in breach of policy, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace harassment (bullying), victimisation and vilification;
  • recognise when and how exemptions to the Act may apply to situations in the workplace;
  • implement non-discriminatory recruitment processes, including pre-employment testing, advertising, interviews and record-keeping;
  • recognise and manage the risk of vicarious liability for the organisation, and take all necessary reasonable steps to prevent discrimination and harassment;
  • develop and implement effective organisational policies and procedures relating to discrimination and harassment;
  • understand their roles and responsibilities in implementing organisational policies and procedures, and ensuring staff are trained;
  • manage complaints or situations of discrimination and harassment appropriately; promptly and effectively;
  • understand the role of the QHRC and the QHRC complaints process.

For more detailed information, view the course description.

Date: Thursday, 29th September – 9.30am to 1.30pm

Venue: TBA

Cost: $220 per person

Register: Online