A full-day workshop taking a practical approach to applying trauma and attachment theory in everyday work with troubled young people 

Encompass Family and Community presents Tuning In to Acting Out: responding to the behaviours and needs of young people

This advanced workshop assumes that participants have a working knowledge of the impacts of disrupted attachment, trauma and loss upon young people in care or disengaged from family. We know that these issues underpin the often challenging behaviour of these young people. But how best to respond? This workshop takes a very practical approach to applying this theoretical knowledge in everyday work with troubled young people. It considers effective behaviour guidance, staying safe when behaviour is extreme, and responding to behavioural crises in ways which apply the evidence about ‘what works’ in addressing the underlying causes of the behaviour.

Who should attend? Experienced workers in both government and community services working with young people, including youth workers, direct care workers in residential services for young people, statutory child protection and juvenile justice workers.

Date: Thursday, 15th July – 9.30am to 4pm

Venue: Airport International – 528 Kingsford Smith Dr, Hamilton, Brisbane, QLD, 4007

Cost: $330 per person

Register: Online