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Release of reports on survey findings: On the LNP’s proposals for addressing substance use by parents


PeakCare and the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak (QATSICPP) are pleased to release the next three reports on our survey findings about the Liberal National Party’s proposals for overhauling Queensland’s child protection system:

Due to the relationship between the subject matter of each report, they are best read and considered in conjunction with each other.

As you will read:

  • one proposal drew a relevantly high level of agreement
  • one proposal drew a much lower level of agreement, and
  • the third was somewhere in-between.
Your response to the survey findings

Let us and others know your response to the survey findings.

  • Are you surprised by the findings or not?
  • If you completed the survey, have your opinions been confirmed or changed by the commentary included in the reports?
  • Are there matters reported on that you need to further consider?
  • Or are there matters reported on that you are hoping our political parties will further consider in the development and refinement of their policy platforms?

Now more ever in the lead up to the State election, YOU both individually and collectively have the opportunity to influence their decisions.

You can enter comments, anonymously if you prefer, about the survey findings below. Your comments will be brought to the attention of the political parties.

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  1. Narissa on October 12, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    I find punishing the parents is one thing but punishing the children is another.

    I strongly disagree with the children going into foster care as there are more predetors in tbe system and the impact it will have on the children(the innocent ones)isn’t right.

    Prevention is better than cure and punishment.

    One would have to ask why is there substance abuse? Is it a band aid, or a cover up or is there something more to the substance abuse.

    The system has let children down in many cases and their records show there isn’t enough inspectors to check on the children and their isn’t enough foster carers so the problem has now increased 10 fold.

    LNP are covering up what is to come.
    We are supposed to live in a democratic country but it is more like a passive dictatorship.

  2. Inspired on October 13, 2020 at 10:43 am

    The quote that stands out for me above all others is – “This punitive and unkind approach further disempowers very vulnerable and traumatised people and blames them. We are in the helping professions and others who want a just and equitable society need to STAND UP to this kind of bullying and injustice. These statements masquerade as being the ‘view of the people’. I don’t want Queensland to be this kind of people. I want this state to be a state of kind people who help each other out. I want us to be a people who recognise privilege and oppression and I want us to be people who use our privilege to ally with those who are oppressed”.
    Thank you to whoever it is who wrote these words. They are truly inspiring! Well done!

  3. Janet Wight on October 24, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    As with all the proposals – How will these approaches improve the lives of children? The view that punishment and coercion will make a difference is fundamentally flawed and not based on any evidence. Indeed, the reverse. There is so much research and evidence around behaviour change. The “two strikes” approach mirrors approaches in the criminal justice system which have not changed behaviour and, in fact, have been not only unfair but caused more problems – including for the child.

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