As might be expected, the sentencing of the person convicted of the manslaughter of Kate Leadbetter, Matt Field and their unborn child on Australia Day 2021, and the subsequent decision made by Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman to appeal his sentence, have sparked widespread media and public attention. Given the horrendous nature of their deaths, the community has every right to insist that all that can be done is being done to reduce the likelihood of others experiencing the unfathomable grief and anguish of their families and loved ones.

Click here and scroll to 2:09:15 to listen to ABC radio interviews of Minister Leanne Linard who carries responsibilities for the youth justice portfolio and immediately following Minister Linard, PeakCare’s Executive Director, Lindsay Wegener. There is only a small window of opportunity to listen to these interviews before they cease to be posted. PeakCare believes it is worth your while to spend a few minutes listening to and considering these interviews. After doing so, let us know your responses to the important issues that were discussed by entering comments here, anonymously if you prefer.