Focus on Child Poverty in 20th year of Anti-Poverty Week

In our 20th year of acting on poverty, Anti-Poverty Week is focusing on the urgent need to reduce child poverty across Australia and calls on all parliamentarians to support action to halve child poverty by 2030, in line with our international commitments.

Queensland is doing our part in supporting the messages of Anti-Poverty Week. Here is what you can do to support our efforts.


Attend the launch of Anti-Poverty Week at the Community BBQ to be held at Hope on Boundary Street, West End on Sunday 16 October (1pm to 3pm)


‘Is Australia the lucky country for all?’ – Attend this panel discussion to be held at Parliament House on 17th October 2022 and broadcast on ABC Radio National Big Ideas


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Other Queensland Events

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Sign the Pledge to halve child poverty by 2030

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Download the Promotional Kit – Anti-Poverty Week

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Our thanks go to –

HESTA for their generous sponsorship of the ‘Is Australia the lucky country for all?’ panel event




All members of the Queensland Anti-Poverty Week Committee