As reported on in the 20th June edition of eNews, PeakCare has aligned with QCOSS in corresponding with the Hon. Cameron Dick MP, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment for purposes of seeking an urgent review of the 2022-23 indexation rate (2.88%) applied to community sector funding. As further reported on in this article, PeakCare is pleased to support an exercise initiated by QCOSS in partnership with the University of Western Not-for-profits Research Team to create an indexation model that demonstrates the real change in the cost of delivering services. To complete this work, QCOSS is seeking financial data for 2019, 2020, 2021 from a minimum of 32 organisations. To date, data has been obtained from 17 organisations and an interim report, Challenge of Sustainability, has been produced. PeakCare urges our Member organisations to participate in this important research – become part of the solution. For advice about how you can contribute, please contact QCOSS’ Scott Brown (