Hope and Healing for Foster Carers has now been live for two months, with over 100 learners completing the course with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hope and Healing for Foster Care is split into ten thirty-minute modules that are designed to be completed across several sittings, fitting in with the carer’s lifestyle and demands on their time. If you have any questions about Hope and Healing for Foster Care, please contact support@peakcare.org.au.

The system transition of Hope and Healing for Residential Care is progressing well with a project overview and system demonstration being delivered for administrators across many organisations. If you missed out on this webinar on 28th and 29th June please contact support@peakcare.org.au to get access to the recording. PeakCare looks forward to seeing the benefits of system migration in the coming months, including in-system certificate approvals and the ability for learners to access the training again post completion – providing this valuable resource for workers when they need it.