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Making Child Protection Your Business

With applications for grant funding recently released and the call for Awards recipients open, now is the time to become involved in Queensland Child Protection Week 2018. Planning for the week that runs from September 2nd – 8th is well underway.

Queensland Child Protection Week (QCPW) is a campaign that promotes the value of children, young people and their families. It works across regions to reach communities with key child protection messages and information to support children, young people and families with an array of issues that may arise. The central message is Protecting Children is Everybody’s Business.

A committee comprised of approximately 25 organisations including PeakCare Queensland is led by a Project Manager and Chairperson. This committee overseas all functions of QCPW. Whilst the title denotes a week, Queensland Child Protection Week is a year-long campaign culminating in a frenetic week of activities and festivities to widely share the central messages associated with child and family wellbeing which include how to access formal and informal supports.

Annually QCPW releases approximately 12 posters for circulation via social media or promotion in organisations such as: child care centres, non-government organisations, schools and community centres. The posters are a well received and popular aspect of CPW’s work. The QCPW Easter poster is its most recent:

Every year over 100 events are held around Queensland. The calibre and reach of these events grows year by year. Each Queensland region is encouraged to work together in applying for regional grants of $5,000. The eligible regions are:

  • Far North Queensland
  • North Queensland
  • Central Queensland
  • North Coast
  • South East
  • South West

These are the larger scale child protection week events that occur around Queensland during Child Protection Week. Five or more organisations join together in devising a community event that benefits children and families in each region. Events include: family fun days with information on local services to support children and families who have experienced abuse and neglect or are at risk; and art exhibitions or creative events which engage children and families in learning about the key messages then show cases their work which captures the theme or key messages of child protection.

Over the years there have been dynamic events in each region with hundreds of community members in attendance. Mura Kosker in the Torres Strait is one example. They held 17 morning teas across the islands of the Torres Strait.

Smaller activity grants for events are also available to organisations planning to celebrate child protection and bring children, families and the community together. Grants of up to $1000 are available to non-government organisations, community organisations and networks. Theses so called smaller events led by a variety of community organisations in the sector are often very large in size and attendance and also include the sharing of key messages and resources.

The Child Protection Week Committee is consistently enthused by the commitment and effort that goes into each Child Protection Week event: “It is really exciting each year to see communities coming up with creative events and innovative ways of sharing the important messages of child protection. They all do so much with a small amount of money” said QCPW Project Manager, Caitlin King.

Non-Government Organisations, Neighbourhood Centres, Childcare Centres, Women’s Centres, Parents and Friends Associations and Citizens Associations, Police Citizens Youth Clubs, Community Playgroups and Youth Services are amongst the type of organisations that have collaborated to deliver community events in the past.

Queensland Child Protection Week Committee members share their organisation’s information and resources with communities to ensure that current and relevant messages of chid protection and programs of support are offered as participants are linked to a broad range of information, resources and services already available through government and non-government organisations.

Both these grant opportunities close on Friday, 18th May.

Another way to be involved in Child Protection Week 2018 is via the annual Queensland Child Protection Awards. The Awards provide an opportunity to thank a colleague, family or community member, professional or volunteer for their contribution to the wellbeing of children, young people and families in Queensland.

They provide an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the efforts, commitment and unreserved energy of many people who make a significant contribution to our community by preventing or responding to child harm and neglect.

Nominations fall into the following categories:

Professional (Non-government)

Outstanding contribution to promoting child protection issues in their capacity as a professional working in the child protection (or related) field.

Professional (Government)

Outstanding contribution to child protection at a practice, policy or service development level within the public service.


Invaluable contributions to child protection made by volunteers working in government or non-government agencies.

Regional Program

A Program that operates within part of, or across, a region to address some aspect of child protection.

Education Initiative

The Development of an innovative approach, research or resource to promote child protection.

Youth Participation

Involvement of young people in the planning of a local activity to promote child protection.

Media & Communications

An article, news story, series, publication, campaign or communications strategy that demonstrates a significant contribution to highlighting child protection issues.

Community Initiative

Any community operated program, initiative, event or campaign that focuses on enhancing child protection in our communities.

Addressing overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, children and young people in the child protection system

Outstanding contribution to addressing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, children and young people through policy, programs or practice.

Nominations close 5pm on 29th May.

Child Protection Week 2018 will be officially launched at the Awards ceremony at Parliament House on Thursday 30 August 2018.


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