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Factors supporting successful transitions from care

The first wave of findings from the Victorian government’s Beyond 18: The Longitudinal Study on Leaving Care report involving surveys of 202 young people in out-of-home care aged 16–19 years old suggest that although successful transitions from out-of-home care are found in the literature to involve comprehensive transition planning, in Victoria legislative and practice guidelines were often not followed and that young people were frequently not involved in formal, structured planning about their future. For most carers and caseworkers, formal transition planning was relatively low in priority compared to more urgent needs such as housing. Over a third of young people in the study indicated that they had not been able to access all the services they needed when in care, with many indicating that they lacked help with mental health issues. Caseworkers similarly identified mental health services as difficult to access and lacking in capacity, especially for high needs clients. Future research reports from the study will detail young people’s post-care outcomes and the factors influencing their outcomes.

Anti-Poverty Week 2022

Anti-Poverty Week 2022 has seen the release of numerous publications reporting on poverty in Australia and its impact. Take the…

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A path forward for anti-discrimination law in Queensland

The final report and recommendations of the QHRC’s Review of Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Act were tabled in state parliament on 1st…

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Report into institutional child sexual abuse reforms

On Friday, 8th April 2022, the Queensland Government tabled its fourth annual report into the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual…

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Open letter on youth justice published in the Courier Mail on Saturday, 28 January 2023

PeakCare Members, Supporters and media contacts may already be aware of the full-page open letter to the Queensland Parliament published…

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It’s your choice – this way or that?

The outrage and concerns for community safety expressed by many Queenslanders following recent tragic events involving young people committing unlawful…

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Child sexual exploitation and abuse – supporting SAFE and therapeutic conversations with young people

Across the sector we recognise that real solutions to complex social issues require a collective and collaborative response. We also…

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