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STOP Domestic Violence Conference 2023

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STOP Domestic Violence Conference 2023

Three day conference asking what role do we all play in creating safer communities, schools, work and home environments

The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMHA) presents the STOP Domestic Violence Conference 2023

With the theme “The generation that ends Domestic Violence: It’s everyone’s responsibility” this year’s STOP Domestic Violence Conference will bring together the community to work tirelessly to end domestic violence in a generation.

The Conference will ask you to:

Reflect on current obstacles, brainstorm innovations and seek opportunities for change within the family, domestic and sexual violence sector.

Join some of the most influential and dedicated sector professionals to work collaboratively through the most pressing issues and pave a new path for the future.

Walk away from the conference with a once in a year learning experience, more connection to the goals of the sector, and your role within it, your peers and your community.

The presenters, the topics, the workshops, the social functions and opportunities for collaborations are all incredibly valuable and will provide you with the ideas, insight, knowledge and chances you need to create the change you want to see.

Did you know?

Intimate partner violence is the GREATEST HEALTH RISK FACTOR (greater than smoking, alcohol & obesity) for women aged 25–44.

Almost 10 women a day are hospitalised for assault injuries perpetrated by a spouse or domestic partner.

In a recent report on male-perpetrated intimate partner homicide, 54 per cent of offenders reported a history of trauma.

An estimated 2.2 million Australians (12% of the population) reported experiences of sexual violence (threat and/or assault) since the age of 15.

How can we provide universal education, public messaging around the supports available and steps to take when a community member experiences domestic abuse, family or sexual violence or coercive control?

What are the steps necessary in developing professional and cultural competency for all mental and allied health workers to provide the necessary support to victims in times of need?

Where are the resources available to the community which make up the ongoing response to family and domestic violence?

Together Conference attendees will review the plans around prevention, intervention, response and recovery of family, domestic and sexual violence sector to create a brighter, safer future.

Presentations submissions now open – share your research, insights and innovations in how we STOP Domestic Violence and create safer communities.

Date: Monday, 27th to Wednesday, 29th November

Venue: Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, TAS

Cost: Variable

Register: Online