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Queensland Women’s Week 2023


Queensland Women’s Week 2023

Queensland Women’s Week recognises and celebrates the achievements of Queensland’s women and girls

Queensland Women’s Week 2023 – Empower her voice, secure her future

Coordinated by the Office for Women and Violence Prevention since 2016, Queensland Women’s Week recognises and celebrates the successes and achievements of women and girls across Queensland. It’s a time to acknowledge that everyone has a role to play in creating a Queensland community that respects women, embraces gender equality, and promotes and protects the rights, interests and wellbeing of women and girls.

This year’s theme builds last year’s theme which called on women and girls to tell their stories as we strive for change. All of us now have a role to play in empowering those voices as we work together as a community to achieve gender equality.

The theme is a celebration of women and girls who have stood up to be heard and acknowledges the fundamental right of every woman and girl to equally participate and be safe in all areas of our society including education, the economy and workforce, politics and, importantly, at home.

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Find out more about the Investing in Queensland Women grant program which provides funding to support Queensland Women’s Week activities and other one-off events and projects that address the unique issues faced by women and girls.