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Lighthouse Resources – Gender Awareness


Lighthouse Resources – Gender Awareness

One day in person workshop for anyone seeking future information around gender identity and how to support people who identify as gender diverse

Lighthouse Resources presents Gender Awareness

Gender Awareness training will explore Gender Identity and how to support and work alongside people who identify as Gender diverse. It will explore harmful stereotypes, labelling and rigid gender constructs and how we can work to challenge them. The training is not only beneficial to those working alongside the LGBTQIA+ community but for all people to reflect on our own gender biases and how this impacts the children we raise and support and individuals around us. This training will cover different ages of development and is beneficial to teaching in early years through to supporting adults.

In this training you will explore:

    • What is Gender and Gender Identity
    • Statistics around Gender Identity
    • Gender Identity and Wellbeing
    • Language and Jokes
    • Harmful Stereotypes
    • Media representation of Gender Diversity
    • Harmful Narratives
    • Support – What can you do?
    • Personal Biases and Heteronormative Privilege
    • What Makes you, you?


Date: Thursday, 29th June – 9.30am to 4.30pm

Venue: Lighthouse Resources Upstairs Training Room, Kyabra Street RUNCORN, QLD. 4113

Cost: $220 per person including morning tea, all associated handouts and a certificate of attendance (BYO lunch)

Register: Online