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Compass Seminars – Hey Little Warrior! (Brisbane)

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Compass Seminars – Hey Little Warrior! (Brisbane)

A half-day in person workshop explaining anxiety in young children

Compass Seminars presents Hey Little Warrior! (Brisbane)

Designed specifically for Kindy Uplift and early childhood settings, this workshop is based on ‘Hey Warrior’ and ‘Hey Awesome’, the best-selling, highly-acclaimed children’s books which turn anxiety into an ally, and explore and explain anxiety through a neuroscientific, child-friendly lens. The workshop will provide early childhood educators with the practical strategies and information to support a class-based approach towards strengthening all children against anxiety, expanding their capacity for brave behaviour, and understanding more about the brain. Upon completion of the workshop, early childhood educators will have the information and practical tools to work with children on a group or individual level to support a greater understanding of the brain, build their capacity to calm big feelings (including anxiety and anger) and move towards brave behaviour.

The workshop will cover:

  • ‘Making anxiety an ally.’ A child-friendly, fun explanation of what happens in the brain during anxiety;
  • ‘Introducing … your amygdala!’ Class-based activities to introduce children to the amygdala – the seat of anxiety and big feelings;
  • ‘Taking anxiety out of anxiety.’ An engaging way to make sense of symptoms and behaviours, and how to use this to help children find calm during anxiety;
  • ‘Anxiety and courage happen together.’ Talking to children about anxiety and courage.
  • ‘Building brave.’ How to teach children the strategies that can calm anxiety.
  • ‘Brain chatter.’ How to build a brave mindset;
  • ‘When big feelings happen.’ How big feelings happen in the brain, and how to be the ‘boss of your brain’ to feel calmer and braver;
  • ‘Let’s talk about the ‘feeling brain’ and the ‘thinking brain.’ Why they need to work as a team, and how to make that happen;
  • ‘You can change your brain!’ How we get better at things, and why being brave feels tough sometimes;
  • ‘Mindfulness – Brains love it!’ Why brains love mindfulness and fun ways to practice.
  • ‘Strong, happy brains.’ What all brains need to be their best.

Presented by: Karen Young founded the popular website, Hey Sigmund, attracting millions of readers each year worldwide and is author of the best selling Hey Warrior book for young people with anxiety. She is a regular contributor to Parenting Magazine in New Zealand, and can often be heard on Australian radio and TV programs such as The Project and the ABC. Her articles have been translated into a numerous languages and her work has been published internationally on The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, The Mighty, and Yahoo Health. She is a sought-after international speaker to sold out events from New York to Newcastle. She has authored three books for kids and parents to help them understand anxiety and find their ‘brave’. Experience has taught her that people can do amazing things with the right information, psychology has something for everyone, jargon doesn’t, everyone has a story to tell, short bios are the longest to write, nobody has it all figured out and the best people to be around are the ones who already know this. Karen translates the neuroscience of anxiety and every day life into meaningful advice for all ages.

Date: Thursday, 7th March – 9am to 12pm

Venue: The Glen Hotel, 24 Gaskell St, Eight Mile Plains, QLD, 4113

Cost: Early bird price until 22 Feb – $209 per person // Standard price – $249 per person

Register: Online