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2023 Early Childhood Australia National Conference

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2023 Early Childhood Australia National Conference

Early Childhood Australia Conference 2023

Kumarninthi—Becoming one: Old ways, new wisdom is the theme for the 35th ECA National Conference, to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, from Wednesday 4 October to Saturday 7 October 2023.

The theme title reinforces that although we still hold on to and value old ways, theoretical perspectives and knowledge, there is and can be a contemporary approach to implementing this into new wisdom and becoming one.

Kumarninthi means ‘becoming one’ and comes from the South Australian Kaurna people. By using the Kaurna language in our conference theme we pay our respect to the Kaurna heritage and people of Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains.

The ECA National Conference provides a platform for professional discourse relevant to the rights, wellbeing and early education of young children (birth to eight years). It is attended by early childhood educators, teachers, service leaders and executives, as well as policy-makers, program administrators, academics, researchers and those involved in pre-qualification training and ongoing professional development.

Date: Wednesday, 4th to Saturday, 7th October

Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre, SA

Cost: Variable

Register: Online