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Media prelude to Kinship Care Forum III

PeakCare eNews 8th September

Where are we headed for kinship care and residential care?

PeakCare eNews 18th August

Celebrate NAIDOC Week 2021

PeakCare eNews 7th July

Is your organisation a PeakCare Member?

PeakCare eNews 29th June

PeakCare is pleased to announce office-bearers and members of the PeakCare Board

PeakCare eNews 21st June

Neighbourhood Centre Week – the unsung heroes of our communities

PeakCare eNews 14th May

Date for the AGM is set – make sure you VOTE!

PeakCare eNews 7th April

What was meant by the ‘tossing the coin’ reference? Lindsay Wegener’s opening statement to the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee on new youth justice laws

PeakCare eNews 22nd March

Leanne Clausen and Parents on a Mission – PeakCare’s inaugural SIC Award winner – needs YOUR help

PeakCare eNews 12th March

Children and families need a cohesive and integrated social policy platform

PeakCare eNews 19th February


Strong response to PeakCare opinion on new adoption law – what was YOUR response?

PeakCare eNews 22nd January

VOTE VOTE VOTE! Voting is now well and truly open for the PeakCare Awards 2020

PeakCare eNews 18th December

Round Two – Child Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 introduced again to Parliament

PeakCare eNews 8th December

Always Was, Always Will Be – NAIDOC Week 2020

PeakCare eNews 10th November

If COVID comes knocking, will YOU be ready?

PeakCare eNews 19th October

Reactions to survey findings about the LNP’s proposal to increase use of adoption with permanency order targets

PeakCare eNews 6th October


Queensland Child Protection Week Award – Thank You!

PeakCare eNews 11th September 

On the question of renaming the Department of Child Safety, the Child Protection Force – report on survey findings released

PeakCare special announcement 3rd September

Overview of survey findings on the LNP’s proposal for overhauling Queensland’s child protection system

PeakCare eNews 25th August

Will it or won’t it happen? Amendments to the Child Protection Act and other legislation in Queensland

PeakCare eNews 7th August

Walking the COVID and child protection tightrope

PeakCare eNews 14th July

How many have done it? 1204 – Have you?

PeakCare special announcement 1st July


Overhauling the child protection system in the spirit of bipartisanship – call to complete survey

PeakCare special announcement 19th June

Adoption: facts and figures

PeakCare eNews 16th June

On the question of adoption – with whom do you agree?

PeakCare eNews 8th June

PeakCare supports the call to #BuildBackBetter for Every Child Beyond COVID-19

PeakCare eNews 29th May


Latest COVID-19 update from Child Safety Director General to foster and kinship carers on return to school, support for young people up to 19 years old, and family contact

PeakCare special announcement 21st May

Latest COVID-19 update from Child Safety Director General to the sector on Queensland’s roadmap to easing restrictions

PeakCare special announcement 21st May

Physical distancing – Social connections

PeakCare eNews 18th May


Out of sight – NOT out of mind

PeakCare eNews 5th May


Child Safety Director-General’s COVID-19 update: Queensland Health advice, human rights and COVID-19, daily COVID-19 stakeholder bulletins, COVIDSafe app, moving into recovery

PeakCare special announcement 1st May


Child Safety Director-General’s COVID-19 update: changes to Term 2 learning, support for children with disability, support for carers

PeakCare special announcement 17th April


Quashing of George Pell convictions – whatever opinion you may have about the outcome, be kind and look out for those who are distressed by this ruling

PeakCare eNews 9th April


Child Safety Director-General’s COVID-19 update: residential care services, managing and renewing contracts, children with disability in care, infection control training

PeakCare special announcement 9th April


Child Safety framework for decision-making in the context of COVID-19

PeakCare special announcement 7th April


Essential information for residential care providers PLUS Q&A for NGOs now live

PeakCare special announcement 2nd April

Message for foster and kinship carers from Child Safety Director-General on updated restrictions due to Coronavirus

PeakCare special announcement 31st March

Mutual obligation arrangements for jobseekers updated due to Coronavirus impacts on the economy – Message from Senator Michaelia Cash

PeakCare special announcement 26th March

Messages from the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to the sector and to all foster and kinship carers

PeakCare special announcement 26th March


Kicking the Coronavirus with 3 Big C’s – Communication, Collaboration and Compassion

PeakCare eNews 25th March

More on talking to children about coronavirus – supporting children’s emotional wellbeing during this pandemic

Peakcare special announcement 24th March

Websites to reference for addressing organisational and workforce concerns during coronavirus

Peakcare special announcement 20th March

Messages from the Department of Child Safety sent to all service providers today

Peakcare special announcement 18th March

Talking with children about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Peakcare special announcement 17th March

A case of not throwing the baby out…

Peakcare eNews 16th March

Effective communication around Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Peakcare special announcement 16th March

Australia’s embarrassment – age of criminal responsibility by country

Peakcare eNews 9th March

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Are you prepared?

Peakcare special announcement 9th March

Kinship carers – invisible no more

Peakcare eNews 2nd March

2020 State Budget – what we REALLY really want!

Peakcare eNews 21st February

12 years on… how are we faring?

Peakcare eNews 13th February

The invisible carers

Peakcare eNews 5th February

Registrations for the Queensland Kinship Care Forum II close next week

PeakCare special announcement 4th February

You are invited to attend the Queensland Kinship Care Forum II

PeakCare special announcement 28th January

State Versus Church (and maybe the Law)

Peakcare eNews 28th January

PeakCare’s Board elects its office-bearers for 2020

PeakCare special announcement 13th January

Reflecting on the past for the future – Members’ Survey Report released

PeakCare special announcement 13th January

Highlights of 2018-19

PeakCare eNews 17th December

THE NEXT STEPS… If home is where the heart is and their hearts are telling them to stay, we should be doing all that we can to let them

PeakCare eNews 6th December

The Home Stretch – Next Steps

PeakCare special announcement 2nd December

Peakcare Board for 2020

PeakCare eNews 22nd November

Congratulations to the recipients of the Inaugural Peakcare Awards and Special Commendations

PeakCare special announcement 21st November

VOTE – Board Election 2019

PeakCare special announcement 12th November

Inaugural Peakcare Awards – Our apologies

PeakCare special announcement 7th November

Ticket sales close midday Wednesday – no more extensions

PeakCare special announcement 5th November

Keep those nominations rolling in

PeakCare special announcement 1st November

Thank you for your pledges, but we want more!

PeakCare special announcement 1st November

Are YOU one of the THREE? It’s time to decide

PeakCare eNews 1st November

Have we got a deal for you

Peakcare special announcement 31st October

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – Not 1, Not 2 But 3 Free Tickets

Peakcare special announcement 31st October

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – This Week’s Big Clue

Peakcare special announcement 28th October

Peakcare supports the call for the establishment of a national commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people

Peakcare special announcement 24th October

Peakcare Member Survey Closing Soon

Peakcare special announcement 22nd October

Make a pledge to support young people and parents to attend PeakCare’s AGM and end-of-year celebrations

Peakcare special announcement 21st October

HRA is coming – Are YOU Ready?

PeakCare eNews 18th October 

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Peakcare special announcement 17th October 

Public release of The Family Matters Report 2019

Peakcare special announcement 17th October 

Win a free ticket to PeakCare’s AGM and end-of-year celebrations

Peakcare special announcement 16th October 

Peakcare is pleased to announce our inaugural Peakcare Awards

Peakcare special announcement 16th October 

You are invited to PeakCare’s Annual General Meeting and end-of-year celebrations

Peakcare special announcement 14th October 

Are YOU one of the THREE?

PeakCare eNews 11th October 

It’s the Home Stretch…let’s finish what we started

PeakCare eNews 4th October 

Oh no! Not another Member Survey…

PeakCare eNews 23rd September

Truth is the cornerstone for Reconciliation and Healing

PeakCare eNews 11th September


Truth, Healing and Reconciliation with a big dollop of JUSTICE – key themes emerging from this week’s eNews

PeakCare eNews 28th August

PeakCare believes Every Child counts – a proud campaign partner of the Every Child campaign

PeakCare eNews 16th August

We’re going on a ROADTRIP again!

PeakCare eNews 9th August

Watch them watching…

PeakCare eNews 2nd August


“SHOCKED” – Sentiments voiced in the flood of responses to the headline article in last week’s edition of eNews

PeakCare eNews 26th July

National Child Protection Conference – On the one hand this, on the one hand that

PeakCare eNews 19th July

And the winner is… Hope and Healing!

PeakCare eNews 12th July

Voice. Treaty. Truth. NAIDOC Week 2019

PeakCare eNews 5th July


Welcome to the BIG WEEK!

PeakCare eNews 24th June 2019

When only a chocolate cake will do…

PeakCare eNews 7th June 2019

Who is Isaiah Dawe?

PeakCare eNews 31st May 2019

Listen up! And make a commitment

PeakCare eNews 24th May 2019

Beneath the numbers are the stories of children’s lives

PeakCare eNews 17th May 2019


BREAKING NEWS – New Youth Justice Department announced

PeakCare special announcement 17th May 2019


Are you ready to make the last week of June your BIG WEEK?

PeakCare eNews 10th May 2019

Blown away by your contributions to the National Child Protection Conference

PeakCare eNews 3rd May 2019


BREAKING NEWS – Record new investment in youth justice reforms

PeakCare special announcement 30th April 2019


MONDAY is coming… why is that important? Find out below!

PeakCare eNews 26th April 2019

Conference countdown…

PeakCare eNews 12th April 2019


Government announces YES, BUT Budget – read PeakCare’s thoughts and share your own

PeakCare eNews 5th April 2019


Registrations now open for the National Child Protection Conference 2019

PeakCare eNews 29th March 2019


The conviction and sentencing of George Pell – the yet to be realised repercussions

PeakCare eNews 22nd March 2019


BREAKING NEWS for Queensland residential care workers and providers!

PeakCare eNews 8th March 2019


A Human Rights Act passed for Queensland

PeakCare eNews 1st March 2019


No good parent abandons their child when they turn 18 – no good government should either

PeakCare eNews 22nd February 2019


Strengthening sentencing laws and honouring the legacy of Queensland’s slain children – what are your thoughts?

PeakCare eNews 15th February 2019

PeakCare’s best wishes for North Queensland

PeakCare eNews 11th February 2019

Fourth Action Plan of the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children released – where to from here?

PeakCare eNews 1st February 2019

Hitting the ground running in 2019

PeakCare eNews 25th January 2019

Release of the Youth Justice Strategy 2019-2023

PeakCare eNews 14th December 2018

Breaking news! Celebrating the launch of the Hope & Healing e-learning modules

PeakCare eNews 7th December 2018


Family Matters 2018 Report released

PeakCare eNews 29th November 2018

Release of the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council’s long-awaited review of sentencing for offences relating to the death of a child

PeakCare eNews 23rd November 2018

Last chance to register to SPEAK OUT

PeakCare eNews 16th November 2018

“Who will SPEAK OUT for me if you won’t?” If that’s the question, what’s YOUR answer?

PeakCare eNews 8th November 2018

A Human Rights Bill for Queensland has been introduced to parliament…this is what it means to SPEAK OUT

PeakCare eNews 2nd November 2018

Registrations OPEN for PeakCare’s SPEAK OUT Symposium

PeakCare eNews 26th October 2018

Advocacy in Action sessions at PeakCare’s SPEAK OUT Symposium

PeakCare eNews 19th October 2018

Who will SPEAK OUT for me if you won’t?

PeakCare eNews 12th October 2018


Are YOU one of the FIVE?

PeakCare eNews 5th October 2018


Lock in the date! 21st November 2018

PeakCare eNews 28th September 2018


A milestone event in the history of residential care in Queensland

PeakCare eNews 21st September 2018

Queensland Child Protection Week 2018 Special Edition

PeakCare eNews 10th September 2018

Queensland Child Protection Week – celebrating Queenslanders who have gone the extra distance

PeakCare eNews 31st August 2018

Responses to the Residential Care Workforce Survey DUE TODAY

PeakCare eNews 24th August 2018


A Human Rights Act in Queensland – what could it mean for YOU?

PeakCare eNews 17th August 2018


Important news for all providers of residential care in Queensland – save the date! 14th September

PeakCare eNews 10th August 2018


Wanted: Principal Policy Adviser – is it YOU?

PeakCare eNews 3rd August 2018


PeakCare Members want to know – what might the introduction of a Human Rights Act in Queensland mean?

PeakCare eNews 27th July 2018

Well done Harolds!

PeakCare eNews 19th July 2018


Are YOU at risk of being a Harold?

PeakCare eNews 13th July 2018


NAIDOC Week 2018 – How will you join in celebrating the vital roles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women?

PeakCare eNews 6th July 2018

PeakCare’s Roundtables Roadtrip – Are YOU ready?

PeakCare eNews 29th June 2018

Announcing PeakCare’s Roundtables Roadtrip 2018

PeakCare eNews 22nd June 2018

State Budget 2018-19 Special Edition

PeakCare eNews 13th June 2018

Time to renew your PeakCare Membership, and if you’re not a Member or Supporter, consider this…

PeakCare eNews 8th June 2018

EOIs open for being co-opted to PeakCare’s Board – are YOU interested?

PeakCare eNews 1st June 2018

The irony of National Sorry Day 2018

PeakCare eNews 28th May 2018

As Family Matters’ National Week of Action draws to a close

PeakCare eNews 18th May 2018

Special screening of After the Apology – will YOU be there?

PeakCare eNews 11th May 2018

The Family Matters’ National Week of Action – how will you be showing your support?

PeakCare eNews 4th May 2018

Stay tuned – big news soon for residential care providers!

PeakCare eNews 27th April 2018

After the Apology – a decade on from the National Apology, what does being sorry mean?

PeakCare eNews 19th April 2018


The pathway to justice is poorly paved, for some…

PeakCare eNews 13th April 2018

Pleased or alarmed? Your response to recent comments made by Dr David Gillespie, Federal Assistant Minister for Children and Families

PeakCare eNews 5th April 2018

Stirring up discussion and debate

PeakCare eNews 29th March 2018

WANTED: An Assistant Director – is it YOU?

PeakCare eNews 23rd March 2018

Gotta be kidding…

PeakCare eNews 16th March 2018

We all need to #snapthatstigma, with CREATE

PeakCare eNews 9th March 2018

PeakCare’s Strategic Plan 2018-22

PeakCare eNews 2nd March 2018


It’s time for a Human Rights Act for Queensland

PeakCare eNews 22nd February 2018


The 10th Anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations

PeakCare eNews 14th February 2018


Youth justice reforms transitioning 17 year olds into the youth justice system…what’s your opinion?

PeakCare eNews 7th February 2018


Does your work benefit from ours? If so, make sure your organisation is a PeakCare Member!

PeakCare eNews 29th January 2018

We MUST listen to children and young people! Help them have their voices heard!

PeakCare eNews 19th January 2018

Resolve to get involved in 2018!

PeakCare eNews 12th January 2018

Self-silencing by not for profits?

PeakCare eNews 15th December 2017

PeakCare’s new Board for 2018

PeakCare eNews 8th December 2017


The Family Matters 2017 Report has launched

PeakCare eNews 1st December 2017

PeakCare’s own poll

PeakCare eNews 24th November 2017


Don’t be a monkey – there’s an election on!

PeakCare eNews 17th November 2017

PeakCare’s State Election Video Series

PeakCare eNews 10th November 2017


What’s on PeakCare’s Election wishlist?

PeakCare eNews 3rd November 2017

Over 1,000 Voices Survey Report released

PeakCare eNews 27th October 2017


Keeping the focus on education for marginalised children and young people

PeakCare eNews 20th October 2017


Next up in the Hope and Healing Masterclass Series – Ian Nussey workshops

PeakCare eNews 13th October 2017

PeakCare’s Member Survey

PeakCare eNews 6th October 2017


Purposeful programming in residential care workshops a hit!

PeakCare eNews 29th September 2017


Youth justice reforms and YOU

PeakCare eNews 22nd September 2017


The Queensland response-Action on Ice by Graham Fraine
The Queensland response – Action on Ice presented by Graham Fraine

PeakCare eNews 15th September 2017


Introduction to the ‘Just Ice?’ Symposium video series

PeakCare eNews 8th September 2017

Congratulations to 2017 Child Protection Week Award recipients

PeakCare eNews 1st September 2017

Time is running out to have your say on the Child Protection Reform Amendment Bill

PeakCare eNews 25th August 2017

So much to remember!

PeakCare eNews 18th August 2017

Have your say on important child protection reforms

PeakCare eNews 11th August 2017

THANK YOU for making the ‘Just Ice?’ Symposium a huge success!

PeakCare eNews 7th August 2017

New initiatives and tickets issued for the ‘Just Ice?’ Symposium

PeakCare eNews 28th July 2017

PeakCare’s Ice Bank is now open for withdrawals!

PeakCare eNews 21st July 2017

Video highlights of the What OCFOS, DCPL and child protection court reforms mean for NGOs that work with children, young people, parents, family members and carers workshops now live!

PeakCare eNews 14th July 2017





























































































Only six days left…

PeakCare eNews 7th July 2017

Are YOU or your ORGANISATION a PeakCare Member or Supporter?

PeakCare eNews 3rd July 2017

PeakCare Roundtables Road Trip 2017

PeakCare eNews 23rd June 2017

Response by Ros Bates, Shadow Minister for Communities, Women and Youth to the State Budget 2017-18

PeakCare eNews 16th June 2017

Over 1,000 Voices residential care services staff survey closing soon

PeakCare eNews 9th June 2017

Launch of Our Way strategy – a national first

PeakCare eNews 2nd June 2017

National Sorry Day 2017

PeakCare eNews 26th May 2017

PeakCare’s Successful Multicultural Inclusion: How do we do it? workshops now available to watch

PeakCare eNews 19th May 2017

Commencement of Family Matters’ Week of Action

PeakCare eNews 12th May 2017

An important message for all residential care providers in Queensland

PeakCare eNews 5th May 2017

Foster and Kinship Carer Week 2017 – Queensland says thank you!

PeakCare eNews 24th April 2017

Further investment in Queensland’s child protection system following death of toddler Mason Jet Lee

PeakCare eNews 13th April 2017

An important message from Shannon Fentiman MP, Minister for Communities, Women and Youth to all Queensland residential care providers and staff

PeakCare eNews 5th April 2017

PeakCare’s Ice Bank stays open for more transactions

PeakCare eNews 24th March 2017

Hope and Healing by Design workshops announced throughout Queensland

PeakCare eNews 17th March 2017

One thousand voices soon to make history in Queensland: Residential care staff survey launched

PeakCare eNews 10th March 2017

True justice requires children to be treated as children

PeakCare eNews 3rd March 2017

Ice – the word has become chilling for reasons other than simply making you cold!

PeakCare eNews 10th February 2017

Successful multicultural inclusion… It doesn’t just happen!

PeakCare eNews 2nd February 2017

Invasion Day | Australia Day | Survival Day … for goodness sake, CHANGE THE DAY!

PeakCare eNews 25th January 2017

Staying on top of the news? Help us help you!

PeakCare eNews 20th January 2017

Bumper edition to end 2016!

PeakCare eNews December 21, 2016

PeakCare Queensland Annual General Meeting – The Highlights (and there were lots of them!)

PeakCare eNews December 09, 2016

PeakCare announces new Board

PeakCare eNews December 08, 2016

Who will you be voting for?

PeakCare eNews December 01, 2016

The Fourth (and final) Very Special Collectors’ Edition of PeakCare’s eNews

PeakCare eNews November 29, 2016

Government response to the first stage of reviews into the death of Mason Lee

PeakCare eNews November 24, 2016

The Third Very Special Collectors’ Edition of PeakCare’s eNews

PeakCare eNews November 21, 2016

Next chapter for child protection legislation – I’m considering the options

PeakCare eNews November 18, 2016

A Very Special Collectors’ Edition of PeakCare’s eNews

A Very Special Collectors’ Edition of PeakCare eNews November 15, 2016

We’ve Got More Mail

PeakCare eNews November 11, 2016

FAMILY MATTERS’ inaugural report released today

PeakCare eNews November 09, 2016

A Very Special Collectors’ Edition of PeakCare’s eNews

PeakCare eNews November 07, 2016

Transition to Independence Month (T2I)

PeakCare eNews November 04, 2016

Forget the Trump vs Clinton show!

PeakCare eNews October 28, 2016

Charting a better journey for children and young people in care – GET READY!!!

PeakCare eNews October 14, 2016

Independent Review of Youth Detention – How you can contribute to this review

PeakCare eNews October 07, 2016

Review of Foster Carer approval processes and Working with Children Checks/Blue Cards

PeakCare eNews September 30, 2016

Keeping Tiahleigh’s legacy at the centre of our concerns

PeakCare eNews September 23, 2016

A big step taken…

PeakCare eNews September 16, 2016

Big, fat ticks for youth justice changes (but some question marks remain)

PeakCare eNews September 09, 2016

Queensland Child Protection Week Special Edition

PeakCare eNews September 02, 2016

Independent review of Queensland youth detention centres

PeakCare eNews August 26, 2016

Roundtables Report 2016 – UPDATED

PeakCare eNews August 19, 2016

Turning up the heat on youth detention

PeakCare eNews August 12, 2016

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

PeakCare eNews August 4, 2016

We’re sorry about this, but … PeakCare is GREEDY!

PeakCare eNews July 27, 2016

White Boy Privilege

PeakCare eNews July 21, 2016

PeakCare’s Roundtables Roadtrip Report 2016

PeakCare eNews July 14, 2016

PeakCare Roundtables Report 2016 has been released!

PeakCare eNews July 7, 2016

New wave of child protection court reforms starts today

PeakCare eNews July 1, 2016

Good, but not good enough!

PeakCare eNews June 24, 2016

Roundtables Reports 2016 is soon to be released – What more will you have to say?

PeakCare eNews June 16, 2016

The ‘new’ Redfern Statement

PeakCare Special Edition eNews June 9, 2016

(But what the heck is PLTI?)

PeakCare eNews June 3, 2016

National Sorry Day ends, National Reconciliation Week starts

PeakCare eNews May 26, 2016

Support the national Family Matters: Children safe in culture, not in care campaign

PeakCare eNews May 19, 2016

New Community-run Family Wellbeing Services announced

PeakCare eNews May 12, 2016

Yesterday Eight Mile Plains, today Paddington, next week Rockhampton

PeakCare eNews May 5, 2016

Roundtable Roadtrip roll call

PeakCare eNews April 28, 2016

PeakCares Roundtable Roadtrip rolls on – next stop Caboolture

PeakCare eNews April 21, 2016

What you said in 2015 What do you have to say in 2016?

PeakCare eNews April 14, 2016

Have you formed YOUR view about the possible introduction of a Human Rights Act?

PeakCare eNews April 7, 2016

PeakCares Roundtables Roadtrip 2016

PeakCare eNews March 31, 2016

Thank you for your kind words about What Lies Beneath the Words

PeakCare eNews March 24, 2016

Royal Commission proposes a nationally consistent therapeutic framework for out-of-home care

PeakCare eNews March 17, 2016

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle

PeakCare eNews March 11, 2016

Driving change: Intervening early

PeakCare eNews March 3, 2016

On the matter of secure care

PeakCare eNews February 26, 2016

State and territory leaders unite

PeakCare eNews February 18, 2016

Release of PeakCare’s ‘A Human Rights Act for Queensland: Needed or not?’ video

PeakCare eNews February 11, 2016

What lies beneath… the words

PeakCare eNews February 4, 2016

Right services at the right time and by the right providers

PeakCare eNews January 28, 2016

Off and running in 2016

PeakCare eNews January 21, 2016

A busy start to 2016

PeakCare eNews January 14, 2016

Human Rights Act – needed or not?

PeakCare eNews December 10, 2015

Changes to youth justice laws – Back to the future

PeakCare eNews December 3, 2015

Launch of new advisory council

PeakCare eNews November 26, 2015

Hope and Healing – Release of proposed framework for residential care

PeakCare eNews November 13, 2015

Registrations close Monday – Don’t miss out!

PeakCare eNews November 5, 2015

Release of Encore Sessions program

PeakCare eNews October 29, 2015

Blockbuster event registrations

PeakCare eNews October 22, 2015

New Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

PeakCare eNews October 15, 2015

Barret Adolescent Centre Inquiry commences

PeakCare eNews October 1, 2015

New Principal Commissioner for Family and Child Commission

PeakCare eNews September 24, 2015

When will the Commissioners be appointed?

PeakCare eNews September 17, 2015

Special edition: Queensland Child Protection Week

PeakCare eNews September 14, 2015

Review of Child Protection Act 1999

PeakCare eNews September 10, 2015

PeakCare congratulates child protection award winners

PeakCare eNews September 3, 2015

Senate Out of Home Care Inquiry Report

PeakCare eNews August 27, 2015

Report on Working with Children Checks released

PeakCare eNews August 20, 2015

When solutions become the problem

PeakCare eNews August 13, 2015

Nexus between early childhood and family support

PeakCare eNews August 6, 2015

Stronger Families Reforms. How up-to-date are you?

PeakCare eNews July 30, 2015

Time is running out to register

PeakCare eNews July 23, 2015

State Budget 2015-16. Whats good, whats bad, whats missing?

PeakCare eNews July 16, 2015

How have you been celebrating NAIDOC Week?

PeakCare eNews July 9, 2015

Staying Connected

PeakCare eNews July 2, 2015

Roundtables Report 2015

PeakCare eNews June 25, 2015

Rockhampton ? Are you ready?

PeakCare eNews June 18, 2015

Nominate wisely!

PeakCare eNews June 11, 2015

Welcome to eNews

PeakCare eNews June 4, 2015

Important message to Central Queensland

PeakCare eNews May 21, 2015

Terrific Townsville, Beautiful Beenleigh

PeakCare eNews May 15, 2015

Next Stop Beenleigh

PeakCare eNews May 7, 2015

Well be there! Will you?

PeakCare eNews April 30, 2015

Residential Care Renewal. Be a part of it!

PeakCare eNews April 16, 2015

New project underway!

PeakCare eNews April 9, 2015

Townsville’s turn

PeakCare eNews April 2, 2015

Important news for residential care providers

PeakCare eNews March 26, 2015

Picking up where we left off

PeakCare eNews March 19, 2015

Foster and Kinship Carer Week 2015

PeakCare eNews March 5, 2015

Is this our next Inquiry?

PeakCare eNews February 12, 2015

While we wait… Let’s talk!

PeakCare eNews February 5, 2015

LNP and Labor responses to election issues

PeakCare eNews January 29, 2015

State Election 2015

PeakCare eNews January 22, 2015


Like a puzzle – all the pieces in place to make it work

PeakCare eNews December 11, 2014

Recommendation 7.6 and you!

PeakCare eNews December 4, 2014

Strengths-Based Practice

PeakCare eNews November 27, 2014

Strengths-Based Symposium

PeakCare eNews November 13, 2014

Register now! Townsville Education Seminar

PeakCare eNews November 6, 2014

SBP – What is it really?

PeakCare eNews October 30, 2014


PeakCare eNews October 23, 2014

Who pays for poverty?

PeakCare eNews October 16, 2014

Education seminar heading north

PeakCare eNews October 10, 2014

Strengths-based practice. What is it?

PeakCare eNews September 25, 2014

Calling on Australias Heart to Integrate with the Hearts of Forgotten Australians

PeakCare eNews September 11, 2014

Child Protection Week Awards Special Edition

PeakCare eNews September 5, 2014

How will you be celebrating Cultural Diversity Week?

PeakCare eNews August 28, 2014

A morning of guest lectures and presentations

PeakCare eNews August 21, 2014

Reforms Network is now active

PeakCare eNews August 7, 2014

Beam me up, Scotty!

PeakCare eNews July 31, 2014

Guest lecture by Professor Cathy Humphreys

PeakCare eNews July 24, 2014

Invitation to nominate Reform Network members

PeakCare eNews July 17, 2014

Try something different for NAIDOC 2014

PeakCare eNews July 10, 2014

Two new agencies open their doors to Child Protection Reforms

PeakCare eNews July 3, 2014

Look to our heartland when nominating for Child Protection Week Awards

PeakCare eNews June 26, 2014

It’s That Time of Year….

PeakCare eNews June 19, 2014

State Budget is Good News for Child Protection but Comes with a Caution

PeakCare eNews June 5, 2014

National Reconcilliation Week

PeakCare eNews May 29, 2014

The Discussion Continues. The Nexus between Child Protection and Domestic & Family Violence.

PeakCare eNews May 22, 2014

Improving Pathways to Family Support

PeakCare eNews May 15, 2014

Don’t Forget to Roundtable RSVP

PeakCare eNews May 8, 2014

PeakCare Roundtable

PeakCare eNews May 1, 2014

Are You Interested?

PeakCare eNews April 24, 2014

Pathways to Family Support

PeakCare eNews April 10, 2014

It’s Brand New!

PeakCare eNews March 27, 2014

Parliament Thanks Carers

PeakCare eNews March 20, 2014

Marcia Hines thanks Qld Carers ? Have You?

PeakCare eNews March 13, 2014

Have you Signed the Letter?

PeakCare eNews March 6, 2014

Stakeholders Unite on Valentines Day

PeakCare eNews February 13, 2014

Calling all Voting Delegates

PeakCare eNews February 5, 2014

Farewell Barry. Welcome Stephen.

PeakCare eNews January 23, 2014