On the 17th February 2016, SEQ FIN will be holding a Parent Caf to provide an opportunity for parents to contribute their views to the current review of the Child Protection Act 1999. FIN is hoping that through the cafes, parents will be able to share their insights into what works for vulnerable families. The cafes are an informal yet structured discussion around issues that impact families. This include:

  • What support do families need so they can look after their children and keep them safe? What gets in the way of accessing the support you and your family need?
  • What responsibilities do parents and families have to make sure their children are healthy and safe? What can get in the way of meeting these responsibilities?
  • What should happen when there is a concern for the well-being of a child? What is the governments role in helping to keep children safe?
  • What would be helpful when children and families go to court? Who should support families in court?
  • What obligations should Child Safety and their workers have to families and children they work with? How can Child Safety Officers work better with families?

If you work with parents who may like to be involved in the cafes, please contact Katie OHalloran. Katie advises that FIN is especially keen to speak with parents who have accessed secondary family support services or whose family has been impacted by child safety interventions. FIN will provide lunch, childcare and transport for those who attend the caf being held on 17th February 2016.? Further information about the caf can be obtained from this flyer.