A team of researchers from the School of Justice and the School of Public Health and Social Work at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is currently undertaking an exploratory research project into the experiences of young people with the police in Queensland. Dr Kelly Richards (School of Justice) and Dr Kathy Ellem (School of Public Health and Social Work), assisted by Ms Nancy Taita Grevis-James (School of Justice), are seeking to interview service providers who work with young people with intellectual disabilities (eg in youth services or disability services). They are interested in finding out what experiences (good, bad or otherwise) this group of young people has with the police. This is important, as young people with intellectual disabilities are over-represented in the criminal justice system, particularly in youth detention.

The team is also committed to hearing from young people with intellectual disabilities, and believes it is vital to capture the views of these young people themselves. They are seeking young people who self-identify as having an intellectual or learning impairment (broadly defined), are aged 15- 20 years, have had contact with the police (as suspects/offenders), and are willing and able to take part in a short interview (with appropriate supports in place).

Any young person who takes part will be reimbursed with a double movie pass to thank them for their time. Organisations that can assist the research team to recruit young people for the study will also be offered a donation as a thank you for their assistance with this project.

If you are a service provider who would like to be interviewed for the project, or work with young people who may be eligible to participate, or would simply like more information, please contact Kelly Richards on (07) 3138 7125 or k1.richards@qut.edu.au.?The deadline for making contact is?the end of April 2016.