PeakCare Members and Supporters are invited to attend one of a series of roundtable meetings soon to be held in various locations across the State. These forums are being held to seek the views of Members and Supporters about what has changed or remained the same since the release of PeakCares Roundtables Report 2015 UPDATED and obtain your opinions about where to from here.

PeakCare will also be making use of this opportunity to consult with Members and Supporters about other matters of topical interest such as the current review of the Child Protection Act 1999, building on the outcomes of previous roundtable meetings and the issues identified in PeakCares preliminary submission to this review.

Meetings will be held in Townsville (14th April), Toowoomba (19th April), Caboolture (26th April), Eight Mile Plains (4th May), Paddington (5th May) and Rockhampton (12th May).

Make sure that your organisation is well represented!
Added bonus ? join a focus group

Very importantly, the program for the day at the meetings to be held in Townsville, Toowoomba and the south-east corner locations will each allocate time for a facilitated focus group discussion to be held about justice reforms that have taken place as part of the Stronger Families Reform Program.

An invitation has been extended by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) to PeakCare Members to join one of these focus groups that will form an important part of a base-line evaluation of the justice reforms.

We are very keen to gather the perspectives of non-government organisations about how children and families experience their involvement with courts and also about their involvement with programs conducted by the Office of Public Guardian, said DJAGs Katrina Middlin. Were especially interested in talking with people who interact with staff from the Office of Public Guardian such as Community Visitors and Child Advocates, and those who interact with the court system directly or support children or families during their interaction with courts.

The focus groups will each take about an hour and the reporting of the discussions will be undertaken in a way that does not identify any individual participants. If you have any questions about the focus groups before you decide to take part, you are invited to contact Katrina Middlin.

Come to one or the other or both

PeakCare Members may elect to come to either a focus group or PeakCares roundtable meeting or preferably, both.



To register for a focus group and/or a roundtable meeting, please complete the registration form that corresponds with the roundtable meeting and/or focus group you wish to attend and send the completed form via email to or fax (07 3368 1160). Please note the RSVP date stated on the registration form and ensure that the names of all persons from your organisation who will be attending are listed along with any special dietary requirements they may have.

Townsville?(14th April)
Toowoomba?(19th April)
Caboolture?(26th April)
Eight Mile Plains?(4th May)
Paddington?(5th May)
Rockhampton?(12th May)

Make sure that your organisation is well represented!
Added bonus ? join a focus group

Lindsay Wegener
Executive Director
PeakCare Queensland