The possibility of Queensland children being placed in secure care is again emerging as a hot topic of discussion across the State, with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services having recently contracted KPMG to develop an evidence base and options for contained therapeutic care approaches to placement services in a Queensland context.

To promote discussion about the possible introduction of a secure care option, PeakCare recently produced and released a video called On the matter of secure care and published an accompanying blog that was essentially a transcript of the video.

It is understood that KPMG will consult with PeakCare during the course of undertaking their contracted service.? PeakCare is keen to ensure that we are able to represent the full range of views that may be held by our Members and Supporters about this important matter during this consultation.? You are invited to watchOn the matter of secure care, consider the information contained within the attached Special Announcement and read the comments that have already been entered in response to our blog.

It Is noted that a very comprehensive response to the blog has already been posted by the CREATE Foundation. PeakCare very much appreciates CREATEs contribution to this discussion.

After considering this information, you may like to add to the comments that have been posted in response to the blog. Alternatively, you are invited to email you thoughts and views to When doing so, it would be appreciated if you could also indicate if you are expressing personal views or if you are stating opinions on behalf of your organisation and have been properly authorised to do so.

It is not known at this stage when KPMGs consultation with PeakCare will take place. It would be appreciated therefore if your comments could be submitted at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your attention to this request. PeakCare looks forward to receiving your comments