Neuroscience and self-care: A recipe for resilience
All day long

Presented by Amovita Consulting

Human and community services professionals are experiencing more complex health and well-being issues. The art of bounceability and understanding the neuroscience of resilience and self-care is vital in todays workplace.

This presentation will outline the latest neuroscience approaches and techniques for quality self-care as a professional, explore the art of bounceability for positive long term health care outcomes in our work. We take you on a journey to think about stress and its long term impacts in a way that you may have not thought about before.

We consider how beliefs and values impact on our professional work and by engaging particular skills and techniques allows us to minimise the risks of burnout and poor health and enjoy your how to reinvigorate a tired and stressed mind and body.

One Day Presentation Learning Outcomes:

  • Self-care and neuroscience approaches
  • The art of bounceability
  • Reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience

Two Day Presentation Learning Outcomes:

All of the outcomes from the one day course, plus:

  • Coping frameworks and thinking prevention
  • How to make the change
  • How beliefs and values impact on professional identity
  • Engaging skills and techniques to strengthen resilience

Brisbane: 10th March

Rockhampton: 4th May

Brisbane: 21st August

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