Resolving Conflict and Mediating Outcomes: The Black Ops of Disputes

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Presented by Amovita Consulting

Presented by Amovita Consulting

Resolving conflict in the workplace can often feel like a military operation that requires heavy artillery and a strategic manoeuvre that takes precision and focus!

Many workplaces find managing conflict challenging and time-consuming. It takes up valuable resources to be able to effectively deal with the issues that can bring about lasting change.

Research suggests the cost of unresolved conflict in the workplace is extreme in terms of lost work time productivity, sick leave, unproductive workplace relationships and ongoing stress. Accumulated stress further impacts and influences performance outcomes for the parties involved and the ripple effect it often has.

This presentation explores the latest research on the impacts of conflict in the workplace, provides the necessary skills and valuable framework to understand the contexts in which conflict takes place. We explore how values and beliefs impact and influence conflict typology and the training provides the necessary conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation skills to manage and resolve conflict in the workplace.

During this 2 day presentation, we explore how and why conflict develops, providing a theoretical framework in which to deconstruct the issues and the necessary skills and framework for lasting change.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore how beliefs and values influence and impact in the conflictual space

  • Explore and understand conflict typology

  • Learn how to communicate effectively exploring different questioning frameworks

  • Learn how to invoke clear negotiation and resolution skills

  • Dealing with high conflict personalities

  • Develop and implement a mediation framework for effective outcomes

  • Create a mediation agreement that is sustainable

  • Learn how our mindset and emotions influence relationships in the workplace

  • Explore neuroscience and stress

  • Explore the art of brain friendly conversations that create effective outcomes

  • Develop 8 steps for assertive expression

  • Understand the pre-conditions that assist in the mediation process

  • Developing an ethical framework to assist in a conflict situation

  • Self-care in a stressful and conflict situation

Brisbane: 20 to 21 April

Brisbane: 4 to 5 September

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