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Job Details


Act for Kids

Job Type

Part Time

Position Description

This job is all about…

  • Providing an outstanding therapeutic service to children, young people and their families in the Cairns Intensive Therapy Program, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families living in the Far North Queensland and Cape region

  • Encouraging and strengthening supportive relationships with adult caregivers

  • Enhancing psychosocial outcomes for children and young people impacted by trauma

  • Working with Act for Kids staff members, other professionals and agencies to enhance client outcomes.

This is a fixed term part-time position until 30th June 2014

To apply, please address the qualifications, skills and experience outlined in the position description in no more than 2 pages and email to employment@actforkids.com.au 



More Information

Job LocationCairns
Contact DetailsFor more information, please contact Jamie Upton on 07 4033 8561.
Contact Emailbettinam@actforkids.com.au
Closing DateApplications will close 5pm Friday 13th December 2013.
Web Linkwww.actforkids.com.au

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