Sombre reminders of the need for Child Protection

by PeakCare Qld on 14th September 2015

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Minister Fentiman delivers enthralling speech at PeakCare's AGM

by PeakCare Qld
on 12th December 2016

If you were unable to attend PeakCare’s AGM on Wednesday, 7th December 2016, make sure you read the enthralling speech delivered by the Honourable Shannon Fentiman MP, Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Minister for Child Safety and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence.

PeakCare's Board for 2017

by PeakCare Qld
on 12th December 2016

Your candidates for PeakCare's Board for 2017

by PeakCare Qld
on 30th November 2016

New Family and Child Connect services (FaCC), Intensive Family Support services (IFS) and specialist Domestic and Family Violence services

by PeakCare Qld
on 18th August 2016

The Queensland Government Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (the department) wishes to advise of the release of an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Mount Isa / Gulf Family Support and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Support Services

More about the Royal Commission into the South Australian child protection system

by PeakCare Qld
on 18th August 2016

The South Australian Child Protection Systems Royal Commission Report, The life they deserve, was released in early August 2016. The report is presented in two volumes. The first volume sets out what the Royal Commission did to examine the adequacy of current laws and policies to protect children and young people, system deficits and 260 recommendations addressing a wide range of structural, system and practice aspects across the SA government and service system. The second volume contains 5 case studies that examine the operation of the system and practice quality in specific areas. Four focus on the individual circumstances of young children, intervening in high risk families, leaving care, and children with complex needs in out of home care.

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Queensland’s Child Protection Week closed with the Annual Dinner to recognise those in the child protection sector across Queensland who work tirelessly to improve the life opportunities and the safety and wellbeing of children and families.  This year 200 child protection advocates turned out to celebrate the 130 events in Queensland and the 9 outstanding Child Protection Week Award Winners. 

Master of Ceremonies, Channel 7’s Lexi Hamilton-Smith welcomed guests, acknowledged their commitment to child protection and spoke to the terror reported on our public airways as a result of a young 6 year old little girl’s murder, allegedly at the hands of her father and the multiple brutal domestic violence assaults and murders throughout the week.  She said media, like most of us are grabbling with how to do better in our responses to domestic and family violence.  We all know we need to do more on a both a professional and human level. Lexi’s sentiment was echoed by Minister Shannon Fentiman who spoke of the horror of the events of this week and outlined her government’s unwavering commitment to eradicate this scourge.

Minister Fentiman then spoke of the partnership with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak (QATSICPP) to think outside of the box and work towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led solutions, organisations and partnerships to address the unacceptable issue of overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in the child protection system. 

Minister Fentiman thanked all across Queensland who held events and promoted the key messages of Queensland Child Protection Week, in particular Child Protection is Everybody’s Business and the necessary message that we all need to listen to children and young people.  She noted and thanked all the professionals who work daily to prevent and eradicate child abuse and neglect.

As the final speaker for the evening Queensland Child Protection Week Chairperson, Lorraine Dupree summarised the week and stated: “This is a child protection campaign that exists all year long building up throughout the year through messages and posters and culminating in the significant week of highlighting the importance of child protection being everyone’s business that we’ve just had.”

She thanked the Forgotten Australians for their courage in speaking out against systems that at the time were intent on silence.  She noted their tenacity in shining a light not only on the need to protect children but the need to listen to children and young people: “You keep us accountable and you remind us never to ignore, excuse or accept abuse, particularly the abuse of our children and young people”.  She then thanked Minister Fentiman for her extraordinary support of Queensland Child Protection Week, her attendance at events across the State and her commitment to ending abuse, violence and trauma.

Lorraine thanked the Queensland Child Protection Week auspice, ACT for Kids and Committee members and their organisations for their willingness to fulfil any role necessary and perform whatever tasks were required in a true spirit of collaboration. She then thanked Queensland Child Protection Week funder, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and sponsors:  Channel 7, the Courier Mail, KFC, P4 Group, Niche studio as well as the CREATE Foundation and young consultants who supported CPW through sharing their messages.   She thanked Elizabeth Kobierski, Deputy Chair and Caitlin King, who makes all things possible for Queensland Child Protection Week.

She noted the excellent reporting by media colleagues across Queensland and the lengths they’d gone to in order to share the key messages of child protection, in particular ABC’s Jessica Van Vonderen and Channel 7’s Alison Sandy.   The Ch 7 news reports will air this week.  Due to the tragedies of last week positive stories of child protection as everyone’s business would have been lost in translation. 

Lorraine started Child Protection Week by talking about power and the abuse of power.  She noted that there is no greater abuse of power than threatening the lives of children and women; particularly murdering them. She closed by saying:

Who we are in the world and how we behave ricochets across all relationships with families, friends, schools, workplaces, groups and communities. Our contribution needs to be positive and our commitment to calling out abusive and harmful behaviour needs to be clear and resounding. Challenging the power dynamics in our society and communities is essential in addressing these major power based issues. We need to say no more and we all need to collectively mean it. 

She said that we are on a journey to improve the lives of children and families, particularly their safety and wellbeing and we still have a long road to travel.  “I look forward to journeying with you all until these major social ills are eradicated.”   

With formalities over, hilarity ensued with Lexi Hamilton-Smith and Matthew Lupi plotting and delivering a NGO dance off.  The hilarity resulted in a dance award for Angela Jegou, NAPCAN and Rob Ryan, Key Assets for their excellent demonstration of partnership.  The coveted Annual Award donated by Family Planning Queensland (now True) was awarded to the most passionate dancers – the brilliant waltzing and embracing gentlemen of United Synergies.  Many lucky attendees won fabulous door prizes and all enjoyed the music provided by Polly and the Beards.

The Queensland Child Protection Week Campaign will continue throughout the year and further highlight key messages of child protection through events and awards during CPW 2016.

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